Ablaze: Stories of Daring Teen Saints

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Colleen Swaim
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  • Ablaze: Stories of Daring Teen Saints
  • Amazing, inspiring stories
  • Saints and blesseds that we can relate to
  • Perfect gift for any young person

"If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze!"

Following Christ is not always easy, but takes courage, patience, and love. In Ablaze: Stories of Daring Teen Saints, Colleen Swaim examines the lives of eight young men and women who were set fire with the Spirit and set free to live lives of extraordinary virtue. All became saints for the outgoing, against-the-current heroism of their teen years.

Read how Chiara Luce, an Italian high school student, faced cancer joyfully, inspiring thousands to throng her funeral in song.

Follow Kizito, a brand-new Christian, as his faith is challenged by a king and he is marched to his death for standing firm.

From martyrdom to missionary life and from sickness to the silence of religious life, these teens show that we are all called to follow Christ in our own unique ways.

These stories come alive with vivid storytelling and saintly challenges designed to inspire reflection and enflame your heart. Through prayers, images, and maps, catch a glimpse of a saint's world that carries lessons for our own--and discover how you can set our world ablaze with love for the Lord!

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  • 5 Jun 24th 2015
    Ablaze:stories of daring teen saints

    I bought this book as part of a summer reading list for my 6th grade twins...they really liked it!


  • 5 Nov 27th 2011
    Great Gift Book for Every Teen!

    Great book for teens---with widespread appeal for adults too! Includes a wealth of info about the saints and blesseds, such as maps (where did they live?), sacramental lessons, journal opportunities, actions (live it!), prayer and reflection questions for the reader to interact with the info--and apply your own learning to the challenges of everyday life in this century! Recommend this book to every TEEN!--and those who work with or care for them! Best Uses: Adults will be inspired, Confirmands role models, Enjoyable for high school, Great for teens, Maps and cultural info, Works for 7th 8th grade; Pros: Catholic, Confirmation, Faithful, Teen Saints, Teens, Youth


  • 4 Sep 7th 2011
    Easy to read information

    I was really glad I bought this after my son said, "there are teenage saints?!" The information is short enough to read quickly without having to read the whole book. Great for getting started on school reports. Loved that there was a blessed from the 70s-80's included, with picture; seeing someone so "normal" looking makes a big impact on kids today.


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