The Art of Spiritual Warfare - Secret Weapons Satan Can't Withstand

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Venatius Oforka
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Sophia Institute Press
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  • The Art of Spiritual Warfare: Secret Weapons Satan Can't Withstand
  • How you can fully participate in spiritual warfare
  • How and why God needs intercessors to save souls
  • How the ministry of intercession can bring salvation to millions of hopeless souls

Since the beginning of time, a fierce spiritual battle has raged between the forces of good and evil. Today the spiritual entities of wickedness are winning, burdening countless souls in a world lacerated by evil. 

To claim victory, God is calling us to engage in spiritual warfare as the only way to save the world from the desolation that is sure to come. 

In these pages, theologian Venatius Oforka explains that we are part of a spiritual web through which God acts to save souls. No longer does God create out of nothing. Instead, He achieves His purposes through the prayers and actions we pour in. 

To win such a sophisticated war, Oforka introduces us to the supernatural weapons of war and how we can shape the events that affect our earthly and eternal destiny. 

From Father Oforka, you will learn:

  • How to frustrate the Devil’s evil schemes
  • The two basic actions Christians must undertake to survive evil days
  • The profound advantage you have over Satan and his works
  • Why God requires us to act before He steps in
  • The critical role of the angels and the saints in fighting evil
  • The importance of suffering in spiritual warfare
  • Why God needs our prayers to make His Kingdom come

The Art of Spiritual Warfare is the one book you need to awaken our world from its spiritual hibernation and to exercise the awesome privilege of working with God in the realization of His Kingdom.


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