Charles de Foucauld

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  • Definitive biography of Charles de Foucauld
  • Former French playboy who had a radical conversion and became a solitary monk in the Sahara
  • Powerful, inspiring and incredible story of a remarkable man
  • Great gift for those who enjoy the lives of the saints
  • Canonized in 2022

The popularity of Charles de Foucauld continues to spread around the globe as time goes on. Unknown during his lifetime as a solitary monk in the Sahara Desert, and assassinated by bandits in 1916, this former French playboy had a radical conversion to Christ that compelled him to live a deeply ascetic religious life that has had a great impact on the world since his death.

This definitive biography by Jean-Jacques Antier, a renowned French author of more than 50 books, is the fruit of his exhaustive research on Foucauld's life, writings and correspondence. He was given access to the complete archive on the life of Foucauld from the Congregation of the Saints compiled for his Canonization process. Antier also interviewed numerous witnesses resulting in a powerful, inspiring biography of this holy, 20th century figure, a "personality of fire".

  • Author: Jean-Jacques Antier  
  • 361 Pages
  • Softcover

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