How to Clean and Care for Sterling Silver Jewelry

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Sterling silver Catholic jewelry makes a beautiful, devotional fashion statement and pairs well with just about any outfit. It is quite durable and lasting. However, due to the nature of sterling silver, exposture to air and humidity can cause the surface to tarnish over time. 

This is easily prevented by periodic cleaning. 

Here are some basic pointers on the care of sterling silver:

  • Keep sterling silver away from clorine bleach and other household products
  • Keep in mind that detergents and lotions can slowly erode the finish of sterling silver over time, so take due precautions
  • Remove your sterling silver jewelry before such activites as swimming, showering, washing dishes, etc
  • When not wearing your sterling silver pieces, store them in an air-tight containter

There are a variety of silver cleaners available to you on the market, but always take care to read the labels and follow the instructions exactly. Gentleness is always best when cleaning it, since it is a softer metal, and can be scratched. 

Here are some basic cleaning tips:

  • Use a cleaning cloth made of 100% cotton (without nubs)
  • Blend a small amount of mild liquid dishwashing soap in 1/2 cup of warm water
  • Using cloth and soap-and-water mixture, gently clean surface of your sterling silver
  • Rinse in fresh, cool water
  • Let jewelry dry before storing it

For more details on the complete care and cleaning of sterling silver, read this article here

With periodic, light cleansing of your items and proper storage, your silver pieces will last for a lifetime and more.


How to Properly Take Care of Your Sterling Silver Religious Jewelry