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Galilee Boat with Apostles Play Set

Galilee Boat with Apostles Play Set

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Product Description

  • Galilee boat play set
  • Faith-focused fun for kids
  • The perfect toy inspired by the Life of Christ
  • Includes Jesus & His Apostles
  • A gift for any Christian home


Sure to be a hit, and they won’t even know that it’s a teaching tool! Complete collection features a mini storybook, describing the story of Jesus with his Apostles on the Sea of Galilee, and 15 toy pieces ideal for little hands to play with and learn from. The 14 figures include Jesus with the twelve apostles, plus Mathias who replaced Judas in the book of Acts. The boat measures approximately 12" L by 2" H. The figures range in measurement with the shortest one measuring approximately 2 1/4" H and the tallest one measuring approximately 2 3/4" H.


Dimensions & Specifications

  • Language: English

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Reviews - Galilee Boat with Apostles Play Set

Average Customer Rating
(4.47/5 Stars, 15 Ratings) Based on 15 Reviews

grandson loves it!

Review: My grandson just turned 3, and I got this for him for his birthday present. He was playing with it right away, putting Jesus and the 12 in and then out, he was absorbed and happy!

Just love it!

Review: My granddaughter is having her first child. The baby's room theme is boats. How awesome is this boat with all the apostles to start his religious venture.

Smooth Sailing

Review: My grand nephews and nieces really liked this toy. It was a gift to the 3 year old, but his 4, 7 and 9 year old siblings like it too. In their minds, Jesus was walking on water in no time.

Jesus and Apostles

Review: I like the item overall but have two issues. One concerns the sail and how it connects. Within minutes the tiny stem piece that connects the sail to the mast broke and my boat is now without a sail. My other problem is with one of the apostles who looks a lot like one of the characters from the Planet of the Apes (as my students point out to me). Thankfully there are 13 apostles with the set. As a teacher I find the item to be a good visual for relating Bible stories and like the item.

Galilee Boat with Apostles Play Set

Review: My child enjoys playing and learning about Jesus and His Apostles. The booklet teaches all the names of the Apostles, and my child is now familiar with each of them, as well as the Bible stories of Jesus and His Apostles out at sea. This toy is a great teaching tool and I highly recommend it.

Looks good for a 3 year old and older.

Review: Looks like fun of I were a kid.

Galilee boat with apostles play set.

Review: I purchased two sets and overall would give this product a great rating however I was quite startled when I pulled out the first set of figures and looked at Jesus. The figurine was poorly detailed so the white area of the eyes that should have looked like a speck of light covered the whole pupil. That gave poor Jesus the look of a hypnotic maniacal cult leader! The second set was OK. The kids had already started playing with the set and so we had a good laugh and doctored it with markers.

Great toy flimsy sail/mast

Review: Flimsy mast/sail the is great in spite of the easy break-ability of the sail/mast.


Review: My grandson loves it. His older brother is using it as a teaching tool. The figures are cute with adorable faces! Pros: Adorable figures, Sturdy

Loved it!

Review: I gave this as a gift and it was well received. The figurines are really cute and a nice little size. The mast attaches with a little peg.....not too substantial and it falls off easily. Oh well, the boat is a nice size and stores the characters well. I may order another one to have on hand as a great gift. Best Uses: Pre schoolers would love; Cons: Mast not attached well; Pros: Good sized boat, Great figurines

Galilee Boat

Review: I wish it had names or labels for the apostle names (thought the description said it would). Just the right size for my grandson. Like that it has the small story book. Boat mast a little flimsy, falls off boat easily.

Great Teaching Tool!

Review: This product arrived on time, in great shape and is very nice. The Apostles and Christ figures all are different and identified with their names engraved discreetly on their backs. This is a wonderful toy which easily and clandestinely converts to a teaching tool for children. Great for homeschooling and grandparents in passing on the faith.

Figures are great... boat is flimsy

Review: My kids loved this set and played with it all day when they first got it. The boat broke within the first hour. Pretty flimsy. Would probably hold up just fine with one careful child... but not several. The apostles are still very cool and sturdy and we use the base of the boat. Best Uses: Preschool play; Cons: Flimsy boat; Pros: Lots of figures

Great for Play and Teaching!

Review: We had gotten this for our 2 1/2 year old after he enjoyed playing with his Nativity so much during Advent and Christmas. The little Apostles are great- each one has the name written in small print on the back. He likes playing with the set at home and also at Mass. He is learning the names of the Apostles already and he's not even 3 because of this toy! Pros: Educational

Galilee Boat with Apostles Play Set

Review: Perfect for a 3 year old who loves to play priest.
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