The Illustrated Catholic Children's Bible

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  • The Illustrated Catholic Children's Bible
  • Author: Anne De Graff
  • Beaulifully illustrated with bible stories that keep children engaged and wanting to hear more
  • Ideal for children ages 9-12

"Let the children come to me; do not prevent them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." (Mark 10:14)

The Illustrated Catholic Children's Bible is based on the New American Bible (NAB 1991) and contains the full Old Testament and New Testament stories written in an abbreviated and child friendly format. Each page includes an artistic and clear representation of an exciting Bible story. The colorful and descriptive artwork of this new publication attracts younger audiences and is especially helpful to those not yet reading. Children of all ages, will be drawn to the vibrant personalities and action packed events of our Catholic heritage through The Illustrated Catholic Children's Bible.

  • 6½ x 9½ inches

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  • 5 May 1st 2018
    The Illustrated Catholic Children's Bible

    This is the FIRST and ONLY Catholic Story Bible for Children that includes the story of the Apostles, Jesus laying His hands on Peter, Acts, Revelation and a thorough treatment of the Passion. Also includes the valuable stories of Tobit, Maccabee's 1 & 2, Judith & Baruch . Authentically Catholic in presenting teachable content true to the catechism. The artwork is exceptional and consistent. The artist even includes the tassels on Jesus' prayer shawl.

    Kathy Salsman

  • 4 Jun 30th 2016

    A little too deep for pre-schoolers and kindergartners, but, overall, a well done book for a little older children.


  • 5 Oct 15th 2015
    Illustrated Catholic Children's Bible

    Excellent illustrations - purchased for my grand-daughter - very detailed and text was easy to understand for her age group. Very pleased with this purchase.

    Joan Leopold

  • 5 Apr 29th 2015
    Love it!

    Got this for my son as a first communion present. I am very happy with the quality. I wanted something that had more than a few well known Bible stories, but not regular scripture that is hard for kids to follow. This fit my want perfectly. I'm happy when he comes out telling me all about a story he read that he didn't know about before. He loves reading, but he seem extra excited about reading this Bible. As a parent, finding anything that will get your child excited about Bible study is great!


  • 5 Apr 17th 2015
    great First Holy Communion gift

    I purchased 2 of these Bibles for my nephews, both of whom will be receiving their First Holy Communion next month. The text is appropriate for very bright 2nd graders but would be the right level for children through 6th or even 7th grade. The pictures are lively and should keep their younger siblings' interest as well. I anticipate good bedtime story reading at their houses!


  • 5 May 22nd 2012
    Bible for children and adults alike

    I bought this bible to read to my 5yr old. We started at Christmas 2011, and by Easter 2012 we were in the new testament. We'll be finished this summer. As a 48yr old adult, this will be my first time reading the whole bible, so I'm pretty impressed. It's takes the complexity out of God's word, and helps me to understand things I didn't grasp before. We both look forward to reading a few stories several nights per week. My husband listens closely too. The stories are not childish, but are easy to read and understand. I was able to share the story of Judith with my Methodist friend Judith, who didn't know the story. I got to explain a little bible history as well. I gave a copy to my 15-year old niece for her confirmation. It's just a thorough, easy reading bible for anyone. It's a great coffee table bible also, for intriguing a guest and possibly bringing them closer to God. I wouldn't underestimate this "children's" bible. It's wonderful for any age. The artwork is superb. By the way, my 5-year old can follow along easily, and recounts stories to me later. I wish I would have found it sooner in life.


  • 5 May 21st 2012
    Wonderful 1st Communion gift

    Our niece loves this Bible Best Uses: Beautiful pictures; Pros: 2nd grader to read, Short but sweet stories, That are perfect for a


  • 5 May 14th 2012
    Beautiful illustrations.

    Given to my nephew for his First Eucharist. After I purchased it, decided I need to get one for my daughter soon. It is lovely.


  • 5 Apr 15th 2011
    Beautiful Children's Bible

    I bought this children's bible as a gift for my grandson for his first Penance...It is very lovely and a special gift for any age child....The pictures are vivid and beautiful....I am very happy with this purchase.


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