L'Innocence Rosary Bracelet

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  • Madonna & Child rosary bracelet
  • Platinum, white and almond Swarovski pearls
  • Art print and crucifix charms
  • Uplifting gift for expectant and new mothers
  • Stretch design

This gorgeous rosary bracelet captures the tenderness of William Bouguereau's beloved Madonna and Child painting, L'Innocence.  Platinum, almond and white Swarovski glass pearls compliment the soft glow of the image of Jesus and Mary, as well as its themes of humility and purity. The silver crucifix and lamb point to Christ's sacrifice, as well as Mary's union with her son from his birth up to his death and resurrection. A serene and inspiring meditation upon the joys and sorrows of motherhood, and a stunning gift for any special occasion. 


  • Stretch design; 7" diameter
  • 8 and 3mm Swarovski glass pearls
  • 0.75" (H) medal, 1" oxidized silver crucifix — Made in Italy

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