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Catholic Jewelry as a Gift of Faith & Love

Jun 08, 2023 by

The ancient tradition of religious jewelry did not begin with Catholics, but we have made remarkable contributions to this time-honored custom. More than just an adornment, faithful jewelry marks us for Christ, reminds us of who we are in Him, and proclaims Him to others.

It invokes the protection and blessing of the saints, and serves as an outward sign of our interior life. When blessed by a priest, it also brings powerful sacramental graces to those you cherish. 

Faithful jewelry makes a very personal and distinctive gift. Here at The Catholic Company we have curated a marvelous selection of jewelry from traditional to trendy, so you can celebrate your loved ones, and your own love of God, with stylish, high quality, and faithful pieces. 

Read on for suggested gifting occasions, and some of our favorite finds: 

Sacramental Days

Catholic jewelry given at Baptism becomes an heirloom, especially when given by a parent, godparent, or grandparent.


Classic medals have been given to babies for generations, often pinned to their baptismal garments on their sacramental day. I cherish two of these, given to me at my own Baptism over 50 years ago. 

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Baby bracelets are lovely heirloom gifts. We carry many designs and styles. This freshwater pearl bracelet is pure and timeless. This distinctive Swarovski crystal bracelet fits an infant, and can become an heirloom decade rosary as she grows.


First Communion or First Reconciliation is the perfect time to give Catholic jewelry to boys and girls. At such a young age, they may not yet have jewelry of their own, making the gift even more special.



Whether it's an heirloom medal or crucifix, a rosary bracelet, special tie pin, or earrings for the occasion, Catholic jewelry helps children express and enjoy their faith. 




Jewelry is a traditional Confirmation gift, and we've got wonderful pieces that appeal to teens, from classic to contemporary. 


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Patron Saint jewelry is always in style for Confirmation. This traditional gift is a reminder of their saintly companion and a great way to celebrate their life in Christ. 


Many youthful and fresh styles exist today to inspire young men and women, make a statement, and encourage others. 




Wedding jewelry is one of the most cherished mementos a bride and groom can give or receive as they embark on a Catholic life together. 


The selfless love of Christ the Bridegroom and Mary's model of feminine devotion are meaningful themes for wedding or anniversary gifts.



The gift of faithful jewelry does not have to be an exclusive exchange between a bride and groom. It's also a wonderful way for parents, in-laws, grandparents, godparents, or Confirmation sponsors to promise their prayers and support. 



Giving Catholic jewelry on holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Valentine's Day makes faith, love, and gratitude the focal point. Many holidays originated within the Church but have now become secularized.  Keeping Christ at the center of our lives when we celebrate keeps Him always in our minds and hearts. 


Show your love on Mother's Day, Father's Day, and other holidays. 


Take the opportunity to gift attractive jewelry in thanksgiving for their inspiring examples. 

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Add to their collections (or freshen your own look) with faithful or fanciful pieces. 


We select unique items that will become special favorites when given to someone you cherish. 


Favorite Feasts & Devotions

Name days and feasts of beloved saints and devotions are perfect for giving Catholic jewelry. Jewelry given on these occasions will be appreciated for the thought behind such personal selections.



When a loved one has a special devotion, delight and surprise them with a relevant piece on that feast day. This allows them to share the devotion with others and celebrate it in an attractive way.



For birthdays, quinceañeras, graduations, and other personal milestones, Catholic jewelry is always a fashionable gift. 


We have whimsical pieces and traditional ones to suit any style. 


When you gift faithful jewelry, you reflect your shared love for Christ and His Church. In a time when so much is disposable, Catholic jewelry is a meaningful treasure.


The piece you select does not have to be the most expensive to be the most appreciated. The key is to find a piece that suits your loved one. 



Times of Trial & Suffering

Giving jewelry is an intimate gesture. It's worn on the person, making it a meaningful gift of hope and encouragement to those who suffer. 


In times when we need to be uplifted, jewelry is a visual reminder of our communion with Christ, the Church, and the saints in heaven. 


When what we know is obscured by what we feeland when that becomes overwhelmingeven an inexpensive piece of jewelry can move the heart of someone you hold dear, encouraging them to persevere.


For times like these, I like to give rings and bracelets. These pieces are easy for your loved one to see when they feel tempted to despair. Sometimes I give these prayer partner bracelets so we can be united in prayer for their intentions. 


Gifts like these remind your loved one that you are in prayer for their needs, and they are not alone. Catholic jewelry is a gift of accompaniment and prayer.


Wearing & Sharing the Faith

Catholic jewelry makes a meaningful and personal gift for faithful loved ones. To give faithful pieces is to show that you cherish someone in Christ. To receive them is to be placed under His protection. To wear them is to proclaim your faith in God. 

There are many powerful reasons to wear and share your faith, and any time is the perfect time to give the gift of Catholic jewelry. When you do, you give a thoughtful gift that draws someone to God. 

At The Catholic Company, we have a marvelous selection of Catholic jewelry, honoring every aspect of our Faith and appealing to every taste and preference. What you see here is only a small sample of our offerings. 

To see more of our jewelry, from everyday wear to heirloom pieces, click here.