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The Secret to Conquering the 7 Deadly Sins Latest

The Secret to Conquering the 7 Deadly Sins

Sep 26, 2016 by

Did you know that you can change the kind of person you are?

Character is not born, it is made.

You can actually build your character and become more virtuous by doing small, virtuous things every day. Although it is not easy to change your character, with practice and diligence it is possible to become more virtuous with time. This was first taught by Aristotle hundreds of years before Christ.

For a Christian, key to becoming more virtuous is to overcome our sinful, habitual actions. By deliberately making virtuous actions our habits instead, they will gradually overcome and replace the sinful ones.

If you do this over the course of a lifetime, you will not only become naturally virtuous as Aristotle taught, you will become supernaturally holy as Christ taught. Of course you cannot do this with your own strength; you must earnestly pray for God's grace to persevere.

The secret to overcoming sin in your life, especially the ones that are deadly to your soul, is to practice the virtue directly opposed to it. Watch below!

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The secret to conquering the 7 deadly sins