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How to Create a Home Prayer Corner in 4 Easy Steps

Jun 07, 2016 by

Do you want to be more conscientious about making time for prayer in your life?

Here's a practical idea that works: purposefully create a space in your home that invites prayer and reflection. If you make the space, it is more likely that you will intentionally use it. Try it, and see for yourself!

Many people today live their lives at a frantic pace. But we should not be so busy that we neglect our souls; we need to take time out of our day to reflect, meditate on spiritual things, and pray.

With this grounding into your day of a time and place for God, even if for a few minutes, comes peace and inner strength to carry you through the ups and downs of your days, weeks, and months. It also helps you to keep your priorities straight by putting your relationship with God first above all other things.

A home prayer corner is an easy way to facilitate this universal human need for more quiet, prayerful reflection.

If you have a family, creating such a spot in your home serves an essential purpose, as you will be showing your children the importance of making time and space for God in their lives. How much would it impact them to see mom and dad regularly spending time in the family prayer corner? They may even be inspired to use the space themselves! Or, you can invite your children to create one of their own, too.

Here is a simple breakdown showing how anyone can make their own home prayer corner:

How to Create Your Own Home Prayer Corner


1. Choose a focal piece:

This item will serve the purpose of drawing your eye, and therefore your attention, to the space.  It should be somewhat large so that you notice it as you walk into the room; for example, your favorite religious statue or holy image featuring Jesus, Mary, or your favorite saint. Choose something that has special meaning to you or your family. Our Blessed Mother is always a great choice!

2. Pick the right spot:

Find an attractive an inviting spot in your home, such as a corner nook. You just need it big enough to add a comfortable chair and a small side table. A spot by a window is a good idea, or some other secluded spot in the home. Include two chairs if you have a family. If you are able, try to keep this space special and set apart exclusively for quiet prayer and spiritual reading, and avoid using it for other activities (such as checking email or playing games).

3. Add Catholic items to your nook:

Display your focal piece in the spot you selected, and add a crucifix, a rosary, Catholic prayer and/or meditation books, a bible, and a few prayer cards. You probably have many of these items already scattered throughout the house that you can bring together into one place. If not, you can find a wide selection of really beautiful Catholic devotional items for the home here and Catholic spiritual reading here.

4. Accessorize:

In churches you don't find saint statues and holy images without fresh flowers and candles around them as a sign of faith, love, and devotion. Do the same in your prayer space to add a bit of reverence and beauty.

And that's it! Check out the video below to see how we created a simple yet prayerful space using these steps:

Do you love the shrine-like look of a saint statue inside a decorative lantern? We do!

As you can see below, one family member was immediately inspired to spend a few quiet moments in prayer and reflection.

Dog looking out window

Do you have a home prayer corner? If so, please comment below and let us know how you set it up, and whether it works to encourage you or your family members to spend more time in prayer.

Create a space in your home for prayer and spiritual reading with these 4 easy steps.

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