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A Hope-Filled Story: Mary Statue Survives Hurricane Devastation Latest

A Hope-Filled Story: Mary Statue Survives Hurricane Devastation

Aug 29, 2017 by

Even amidst the devastation and tragedy of Hurricane Harvey, there have been many stories filled with hope.  This Texas family lost everything, due to a fire that was caused by the hurricane.  When the Rojas family returned to see the damage, they found something quite surprising.  The one thing that Harvey could not overcome were two statues of the Blessed Mother.

Jesus Rojas, shows immense strength in this difficulty, by his humble witness of faith.

I believe that, throughout my life, I have suffered a lot. We were migrants. We’ve worked all our lives, in fields, and trying to show our families how to stay strong, how to believe in God, and keep everybody together as a family.

The full news story can be found below.

Thank you Church Pop for sharing this inspiring story.

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