The Mass Book for Children

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Rosemarie Gortler and Donna Piscitelli
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  • Mass Book for Children
  • Easy to follow format
  • Colorful pages

This book has been updated with the new Mass changes effective Advent 2011

The Mass Book for Children is a delightful way to introduce your children to Jesus in the Eucharist. With its captivating writing style and charming art, The Mass Book for Children not only teaches young children the parts of the Mass but also shows them why joining in the joyful gathering is an experience of love. The Mass Book for Children takes your children through every rite of the mass with clear step-by-step explanations and instructions. The Mass Book for Children is a great little booklet to bring along to mass to help children more fully participate and appreciate the miracle of the mass. Includes the order of the mass, but does not contain complete text for every prayer. The Mass Book for Children will have your kids following the mass with excitement and joy in their hearts. Entertaining and educational, The Mass Book for Children is perfect for the home or classroom.

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  • 48 pages
  • Softcover

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  • 5 Jun 25th 2019
    Great resource

    I bought this book for my 6 year old to help him become more engaged at Mass, but my 4 year old really took to it! The content is a bit too old for her (best for 7 or 8 yrs & up), but she enjoyed following along during Mass. She matched the pictures in the book to the objects she saw in our church. She also became more interested in the actions of the people during Mass. I love how this allowed me to explain parts of the Mass to my child by following her lead! I highly recommend this book!

    Kristine Croeber

  • 5 Apr 29th 2018

    I teach 2nd graders, bought this book to give to my students who will be receiving their First Holy Communion in May 5. The book is very good and simple.


  • 5 Mar 16th 2018
    The Mass for Children

    I ordered two copies of this book for my granddaughters who are 6 and 8 years old. My daughter, their mom, has come back to the Church, Praise God, and they will be receiving their Sacraments. They have been attending Mass for about 3 months and have many questions regarding the Mass. We read the book together and they seemed to really like it. They plan to bring their books to Mass I think it's a very good explanation of the Mass for their ages and the illustrations are good also.

    margaret moan

  • 4 Nov 14th 2016
    Great gift

    I purchased this book for my Godson who is 2 1/2 years old. It helps his nervous parents who don't want him to disturb the people seated around them.


  • 5 Dec 17th 2015

    I have taught KDG-2nd Grade Religious Ed programs. I have 10 young grandchildren. I have used this book with all of them. It has great pictures for sharing the real meaning of the various parts of the Mass. It is THE BEST MASS BOOK FOR CHILDREN that I have found.


  • 5 Mar 24th 2014
    The Mass Book for Children

    This book helped me explain to my six year old much more about what was going on in Mass. It was written very nicely and the illustrations are clear and very beautiful. I recommend this for all families with young ones.

    Amy Souza

  • 5 May 1st 2012
    Wonderful Book for Children

    I bought this for a 7 year old for her 1st communion. She loves it and takes it to bed. She has asked many questions that were spurned by reading this book. The illustrations are beautiful to boot! Best Uses: At Church, Younger Readers; Describe Yourself: Casual Reader; Pros: Easy To Understand, Great Pictures, Holds Kids Attention, Well Written

    Barb C

  • 5 Apr 22nd 2012
    gift for 6 year old

    I bought this to help my 6 year old Granddaughter understand the Mass better,but I think it would help anyone new to the Mass! Best Uses: Gift, Younger Readers; Cons: none; Pros: Easy To Understand, Great Pictures, Holds Kids Attention, Well Written

    Memere of 3

  • 5 Apr 19th 2012
    Books for my grandchildren

    This is exactly what I wanted for my two grandchildren. They are making their First Communion in May and I wanted to give them something that they could use every Sunday when they go to Church. Describe Yourself: Bookworm; Pros: Easy To Understand, Great Pictures, Holds Kids Attention, Keeps Parents Interest, Positive Message, Stimulates Imagination, Teaches Good Values, This is exactly what I wa, Well Written


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