Memento Mori - Prayers On The Last Things

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  • Memento Mori: Prayers On The Last Things 
  • Beautiful prayer book that will help you pray and meditate on death and the afterlife.

"As Christians, we remember our death in order to remember our Life-Jesus Christ. We remember our death in order that our lives may be filled with the Life of Christ, both now and when we enter into the joy of eternal life." (Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP, from the Foreword)

Memento Mori: Prayers on the Last Things is a beautiful prayer book that helps you pray with and meditate on death and the afterlife. Remembrance of the Last Things, beginning with death, opens our hearts to the work God wants to do in us before our last day on earth. Encouraged by Scripture and the saints, this ancient tradition can help you to manage the chaos of this world, grow closer to God, and focus on heaven.

Sr. Theresa Alethia Noble, FSP, has taken the ancient custom of memento mori (remembering one's death) and modernized it for the 21st century. In this prayer book she has brought together the prayers, meditations, and readings that are most likely to help us in living our life and preparing for eternity, through the practice of remembering our death. The prayer book includes prayers for a good death, a Memento Mori Examen, Marian prayers for assistance in life and death, Spiritual Warfare prayers, the power of the Holy Rosary, and Prayers to live for heaven, and more.

Truly helpful are the prayers that have been included to assist those who are dying and a section of Prayers for the Dead. We often don't know what to do-or say-when someone we care about is dying, or even when we think about our own deaths. Our culture has taught us to pretend death doesn't exist, and as a result we're bereft in more ways than one when we have to confront it. But it doesn't have to be that way. Memento Mori: Prayers on the Last Things will give you the words you've been looking for, will comfort you and help you comfort others, and will allow you the time to reflect on our nearness to God in these moments.

Sr. Theresa Alethia Noble, FSP, has written a Memento Mori devotional, created a Memento Mori journal, and now brings us Memento Mori: Prayers on the Last Things.

About the Author:
Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP is a former atheist who, thanks to the grace of God, has returned to the faith she was raised in and now tries to help others bring their loved ones back to the faith. A few years after returning to the Church, she heard God calling her, so she left her job in Silicon Valley to join the Daughters of St. Paul. She now lives in Boston, where she prays, evangelizes, bakes bread, and blogs at "Pursued by Truth."

  • ISBN: 9780819850089
  • Author: Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP
  • Format: Leatherette
  • Pages 384

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