Miraculous Medal Amazonite Rosary

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  • Striking pairing of natural, earthy tones
  • Bronze Marian centerpiece complements the captivating bead colors
  • Stunning rosary with a unique heirloom style to be admired by any recipient
  • A fine gift of prayer and devotion that helps to foster a personal relationship with Mary and Jesus
  • Designed and handmade exclusively at The Catholic Company

Captivating shades of earthy greens, blues, and golden browns unite in this stunning amazonite and bronze Immaculate Mary rosary. Smooth to the touch, the round beads have a soft feel and the colors provide a sense of calm while meditating on the Holy Mysteries of the rosary. The heirloom-quality rosary will be admired by the recipient for the beauty it exudes and the prayerful spirit it promotes. Unite your prayers with Mary as she intercedes to her Son on your behalf. Handcrafted by our rosary designers and producers at The Catholic Company, and accompanied by a prayer card featuring the 20 mysteries of the rosary and which days to pray them. 

*Exact bead colors/shades and size may vary due to natural quality

© Copyright 2017 Trinity Road LLC/The Catholic Company

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Reviews (23)

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  • 5 Jul 4th 2020
    Miraculous Medal Amazonite Rosary

    Magnificent rosary. Heirloom quality. Second one I’ve purchased. Solid construction with resplendent beads. Truly deepens the experience of prayer and worship. Looking forward to seeing my daughter holding this rosary in Mass.

    Jerry Nymberg

  • 5 Jun 29th 2020
    Stunning rosary

    This is an exquisite rosary! These Amazonite stones are ethereal in color, with such delicate and muted blue, green, and taupe tones, and so soft and smooth to the touch. I really haven’t seen anything like it before, and it is even more beautiful when holding it in your hands, as the photo doesn’t come close. As to the construction, the medals, Crucifix, etc are solid and firmly anchored so that the recitation of the Decades will flow smoothly and softly through your fingers. Initially the Rosary feels a bit stiff, but as you begin to use it, it softens and relaxes quickly. The price might seem a bit high, but for the quality and construction of this beautiful Sacramental, you are purchasing a future heirloom, which would truly be a cherished keepsake for any special occasion such as a wedding, graduation, ordination, etc.


  • 5 Jun 29th 2020
    Beautiful Rosary

    This rosary is beautiful in person. It looks great online but there is something about it when you are able to see it and hold it. This is a rosary that Will make you want to hold on to it forever and is of great quality to pass down as a family heirloom.

    John D.

  • 5 Jun 29th 2020
    Miraculous Medal Amazonite Rosary

    I just love the Miraculous Medal Amazonite Rosary. It has my favorite color of different shades of green plus it matches my rosary bracelet that I already have.

    Elaine Asis

  • 5 Jun 29th 2020
    Miraculous Medal Amazonite Rosary

    I am very happy with these Rosary beads. They are so beautiful and well made.

    Catherine Cunningham

  • 5 May 23rd 2020
    Amazonite Rosary

    Exquisite! Absolutely exquisite! So profoundly more beautiful when in front of your eyes than can be seen online. The weight sitting perfectly in your hands and between your fingers, the stunning colors of these beads have to be seen, and the superb craftsmanship makes this a treasure for a special occasion. Yes, it is a bit higher priced than most rosaries, but it would mark a memory for the event for which it it received, and for that, there cannot be a more appropriate gift. My gratitude to the creators of this piece of art. God bless! JMJ.


  • 5 May 22nd 2020
    Miraculous Medal Amazonite Rosary

    I fell in love with this rosary a few months ago, but it exceeded my price range. I put it in my shopping cart. I waited a few weeks then I read reviews. They were all positive. I waited again. I reasoned that if there was a coupon or discount I would buy it. Soon after, I received a coupon so that was my sign. I bought it. I love it. It is worth every penny!!!

    Mary Takaki

  • 5 May 4th 2020

    What a beautiful rosary! It is stunning, the beads are unique and the colors are lovely. Has a good weight to it and the beads between the decades are different to the touch because of the embellishments.


  • 5 Sep 2nd 2019

    Thank you for your beautiful craftsmanship in my Rosary. It is even more beautiful in person.


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