My Little Church Magnet Play Set

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  • My Little Church set
  • Magnetic play and learn activity
  • Colorful, detailed church related magnets
  • Instructional booklet included
  • Vinyl tote holds everything

Help your kids to learn about the objects and people involved in the Holy Mass. Children have the opportunity to explore, learn, and play along with this 36-piece magnetic Catholic Church play set. My Little Church features fully illustrated magnets that can be arranged on the trifold magnet book. An engaging activity that forms little hearts and minds in the Catholic faith. Instructional booklet included. A vinyl tote bag holds the board (church) and the magnets. 

  • Magnetic set
  • Vinyl tote: 12" x 8.5"
  • 36 magnets
  • For ages 3+

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  • 4 Apr 23rd 2019
    My Little Church Magnet Play Set

    I was looking for a quiet interactive vinyl cling or magnetic play set based on the Traditional Latin Mass. This comes close enough allowing my 4-year old grandson to identify and set up the sacramentals and put objects in the correct place.

    Katrice Krebs

  • 5 Mar 7th 2019
    My Little Church

    A great gift for preschoolers who are begin to attend Mass. Will help them understand what is happening. There are some small pieces so I would keep the child's age in mind. I would also keep the pieces in a baggie when not in use. I used in my 2ND grade CCD class. The children loved learning the correct names for the people and things at Mass and putting things in their proper place. Great teaching tool.


  • 5 Oct 30th 2018
    My Little Church Magnet Playset

    This is so cute. Wish they had this when my children were young. This is a lovely Advent or Saint Nicholas Day surprise. It will make Mass more meaningful. Love it!


  • 5 Apr 18th 2018
    My KLittle church Magnet Play sets

    Purchased for three year old grandson's birthday. He and his 4 year old sister loved it.

    Kathleen Dietz

  • 5 Dec 30th 2017
    Attractive Play'nPray

    My 4 yr. old grand niece was quite absorbed in arranging all the pieces by herself, with her big sisters looking on.

    Kathleen Gadarowski

  • 5 Dec 29th 2017
    Educator's Seal of Approval!

    My 3 year old grandson LOVES his magnetic church and has quickly learned a new set of vocabulary words that he can properly use at church! The pieces are small so he has to have close supervision and there are so many pieces, we keep some of them in a zippered pencil case so he doesn't lose them. As an educator and grandma, I highly recommend this product!


  • 5 Dec 26th 2017
    Great idea

    As a grandmother, I hope that my grandchildren are paying attention at Mass. I think this will be a motivator for placing pieces in the correct place in the church. I would have loved this as a child. I was so happy it was available as a Christmas gift for my 5 year old granddaughter this year.


  • 5 Nov 15th 2017
    Great Learning Tool

    My husband and I have been taking our four-year-old grandson to Mass, and he enjoys going. He will play with this at our house for an hour at a time, and even asks me to sing "Church songs" while he plays! I agree that the magnets are thin and weak, and some pieces are so tiny. However, this is a great way to teach him about our Catholic faith.


  • 5 Sep 27th 2017

    It's not easy finding affordable Catholic play gifts for kids. I was thrilled to find this last Christmas. My son who is now 7 STILL plays mass with this. It's a magnetic set and your child gets to 'design' the whole church, even right down to what color vestment the priest wears. Wonderful gift!

    Laura Weber

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