The Original Christmas Nail Ornament

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  • Christmas Tree Nail ornament
  • Includes poem

The hanging of the Christmas Nail has become a beloved tradition in many Christian families. This metal nail is made in the style of those believed to have pierced Jesus' hands and feet as He was crucified. The Christmas Nail Ornament ties the miracle of Christmas to the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. It comes in a gift box and is ready to hang with a red satin ribbon. Inside the gift box is the Christmas Nail Poem, along with a listing of scriptural prophesies pertaining to the coming of the Messiah.

The Christmas Nail poem:

This is The Christmas Nail.
It is to be hung on a sturdy branch,
a branch near the trunk,
a branch that will hold such a spike without being noticed by well-wishers
dropping by to admire one's tinseled tree.
The nail is known only to the home that hangs it.
Understood only by the heart that knows its significance.
It is hung with the thought...that the Christmas tree but foreshadows the Christ-tree
which only He could decorate for us,
ornamented with nails as this.


Ornamento de clavo para árbol de navidad. El clavo está hecho al mismo estilo que los clavos que atravesaron las manos y pies de Cristo. Este ornamento ata el milagro de la navidad con el sacrificio de Cristo en la cruz. 

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 7.75" (L)
  • Satin ribbon
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