Relics from the Crucifixion - Where They Went and How They Got There

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  • Relics from the Crucifixion:  Where They Went and How They Got There

In these gripping pages, you’ll not only learn about the tree from which the Cross was made and the Cross itself, but as well of the Nails that bore Jesus’ battered body, the Crown placed on his head, the Thorns, treasured by Christians for generations, and even the very blood of Jesus caught in vessels by those who loved Him and preserved down to this day.

Too easily we skeptical moderns dismiss the authenticity of relics, particularly relics of the kinds that have often been forged. The author here cites so many reliable sources about relics of Christ’s Passion that you will put down these pages with doubts about your doubts, and find in yourself a new and growing desire to look upon them yourself and to receive the many graces that — as Wall also reports here — regularly flow from them for the benefit of souls.



  • Author: James Charles Wall
  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 160
  • 5.5" × 8.5"

Relics from the Crucifixion - Where They Went and How They Got There