Signs of Life: 40 Catholic Customs and Their Biblical Roots

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Scott Hahn
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  • Signs of Life: 40 Catholic Customs and Their Biblical Roots
  • By renowned author Scott Hahn
  • Learn the biblical roots for the traditions you've had since childhood
  • Discover what to say when non-Catholics challenge the use of holy water and more

Bestselling author Scott Hahn guides readers through the Catholic Church's rites, customs, and traditional prayers. From the rosary to the use of Holy Water -- from infant Baptism to praying with icons -- Dr. Hahn helps you to discover the deep biblical and historical roots of each practice.

Each chapter covers a single topic, beginning with the basic facts from Church teaching and tradition, and then proceeds to answer common objections to and misconceptions about the practice. Each chapter concludes with advice for everyday application.

This book is a celebration of all things Catholic, and the biblical doctrine that makes them Catholic, but it's more than that. It's a handbook, a how-to, a good-natured defense, and a gentle nudge for all of us to do better, no matter where we are in our spiritual development.

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  • 5¾ x 8½ inches

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  • 5 Jun 28th 2011
    Great Explanations!

    In the beginning of this book, Scott suggests that this "be read slowly and contemplated". So that's what I did, and I got so much more out of it even though it took me almost a month to finish 259 pages. Much to learn here. One of his best. Best Uses: Read like a menu; Pros: Bibical Truth


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