Oplatki Christmas Wafers (Oplatek)

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  • Oplatki “Angel Bread”
  • Long standing Christmas tradition
  • Unite the family

Polish, Slovak and Lithuanian families observe the centuries-old Oplatki Christmas Tradition. The word Oplatki means "Angel Bread". Sometimes you will see Oplatki spelled as Oplatky or Oplatke, and you will also see the singular version, Oplatek. The wafers, which are 5 1/2in. x 2 3/4in., come with 4 beautiful Christmas images, such as the Nativity or the Star of Bethlehem stamped on the wafer. Each wafer comes in an envelope with the Oplatki tradition printed on the back.

The back of the envelope reads:

"The word Bethlehem means "House of Bread." The breaking of the bread is a sign of charity, unity, and friendship. Religious family traditions and customs bring the truths of Faith into the home. One of these beautiful Christmas customs is the Christmas Wafer. A Wafer bearing a simple design commemorative of Christ's birth is broken by the head of the family and distributed to each member. With a simple prayer for God's grace and the welfare of the present and absent members of the family, the head family member breaks the Wafer and distributes it, a piece to each one at the table. While doing so each member of the family is kissed and is wished a joyful feast. The other family members then greet one another in the same way.

The spiritual lesson in this age old custom is unity of the family - the main pillar of society. The bond of unity is the Christ-like charity that should exist amongst the members of the family. The father of the family is the link in the unbroken chain of One Body, One Bread, One Christ, and One Church. The family joins him in this eternal procession no matter where they are. For there is a universal longing by men to be always with one another, with God.

All this brings to mind clearly our charity for one another, to seek salvation together. Family customs remind us that we seek and obtain salvation with the help of others at all times."

  • White & Pink Wafers: Sold in a set of 10 (Item #9990270), which contains 8 white wafers and 2 pink wafers; in a set of 20, which contains 16 white wafers and 4 pink wafers (Item #9990271); a set of 50, which contains 40 white wafers and 10 pink wafers (Item #9990337); or in a set of 100, which contains 80 white wafers and 20 pink wafers (Item #9990338)
  • White Only Wafers: Sold as a Set of 10 white wafers (Item #9990410); a set of 20 white wafers (Item #9990411); a set of 50 white wafers (Item #9990412); or a set of 100 white wafers (Item #9990413)

Ingredients: Only whole wheat flour and water is used to produce this product. The manufacturing facility does not bake or package any other product so there is no chance of cross contamination possible. They also do not use any baking sprays so breads are 100% wheat flour and water.

  • The envelopes measure 7-1/2" x 5-1/2"
  • Wafers measure approx. 2.75” x 5.6”
  • Due to the consumable nature of this product, this item is non-returnable and non-refundable.

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Write a Review
  • 5 Dec 31st 2018
    Christmas tradition

    Trying to keep the tradition alive. As a child at Christmas, grandma would always have the Christmas waffers and when I saw these it brought back a lot of wonderful memories.

    Susan S.

  • 5 Nov 28th 2018
    Oplatki Christmas Wafers

    I bought one pack of 10 and one pack of 20. I kept what I needed for my home and sent the rest off to members of my family. We can all share the feelings that we had for yrs. when we gathered on Christmas Eve at the eldest family members home to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Thank you The Catholic Company. We'll be ordering more next year.
    Maryann Layton

    Maryann Layton

  • 5 Nov 12th 2018

    I thought this was a marvelous Christmas tradition to start! I bet my father did this who was from Poland. I bought 2 more, one to give to my brother, and one for my sister.

    Roberta rinaldi

  • 3 Nov 12th 2018

    packaging is very nice with good explanation.
    Wafers are good size for value but the embossing is very light and generic looking. Again value for the price is okay

    kathleen gruseck

  • 5 Nov 7th 2018

    Fast shipment. Arrived as ordered. Shared with other Polish families that have not followed this old tradition for many years and they were happy.

    Victor Panus

  • 5 Jan 3rd 2018
    Thank You

    This came just in time for our son to be able to complete his Polish Christmas Eve.

    Chris Delaney

  • 5 Jan 2nd 2018
    Oplatki Wafers

    Excellent way to carry on our family's tradition. Very pleased with the product. I will definitely order more next year!


  • 5 Dec 30th 2017
    Oplatki Christmas Wafers

    This has been a tradition since my childhood. We share this with our family and friends on Christmas Day. This is a wonderful tradition to keep. These were excellent


  • 5 Dec 29th 2017
    Oplatki Wafers

    Used as gifts.

    Donna Brunette

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