Day by Day Through Lent - Reflections, Prayers, Practices

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In his own efforts to "keep Lent" and develop a more intimate dialogue with the Lord, Father Lowery has compiled a collection of rich reflections based on the biblical readings for each day of Lent. He offers simple, heartfelt prayers to help you reflect more deeply on the Word of God. To help you apply the Word to daily life, Father Lowery presents down-to-earth practices that will help you express your love for God and neighbor in concrete, practical ways. Use these reflections as an opportunity to renew your spiritual self this Lent.

Each day has a selected Scripture reading followed by a reflection on the meaning of the passage and how it touches our lives. Next is a prayer which is drawn from the Psalms or the Liturgy and relates to the theme of the reflection. Finally, each day closes with a suggested way of applying the Scripture to your daily life.

  • Author: Daniel L. Lowery, CSsR
  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 142

Day by Day Through Lent - Reflections, Prayers, Practices