The Seven Deadly Sins: A Thomistic Guide to Vanquishing Vice and Sin

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  • Why there are only seven deadly sins
  • The relationship between vices and sins - and how to sever their bonds
  • Seven sacramental and saint - sanctioned strategies to call forth God's graces to grapple with each deadly sin
If you want to make progress in the spiritual life, you must know your enemy. Best-selling author Kevin Vost shines a light on the seven deadly sins, showing how they take root in our souls and keep us from being raised to heaven. In these pages, Dr. Vost unpacks the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas, history's greatest theologian, in an engaging and accessible way. He unveils the hidden connections between common sins and shows how each gives birth to daughters, other thoughts and deeds that help it reach its sinful goals. We all struggle with the seven deadly sins to varying degrees. Read this book, and you'll walk away armed with an arsenal of practical weapons to combat these sins and to clear the path for greater virtue, deeper happiness, and more profound union with God.   You'll also learn: 
  • Which sin can truly be called the deadliest in the world 
  • What takes place within our souls when we grapple with sin 
  • How each and every deadly sin is outnumbered by several opposite virtues 
  • Six deadly dominoes: Do you know the sins that almost always cause us to commit additional sins? 
  • How "the mother of the virtues" dethrones "the queen of the vices"

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  • Author: Kevin Vost Psy. D.
  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 224
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The Seven Deadly Sins: A Thomistic Guide to Vanquishing Vice and Sin


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