12 Rules for Manliness

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  • God's call to men to live heroic holiness
  • How everyday men can develop a personal creed
  • Based on the traits of Cowboys of old
  • Pursuing your mission of holiness as a man of God
  • 12 steps to greater holiness for men

Deep in every man's heart is a call to live the heroic way, to champion a cause greater than himself. The everyday hero goes beyond the ordinary in the little moments of his life and rides high in the saddle as he achieves his principles and dreams. 

The cowboys of old were, in many ways, the models of manliness. They were perceptive and decisive. They lived by a personal creed - and they knew how to make a stand. They had a simple understanding of what needed to be done, and they did it even when it was difficult.

In 12 Rules for Manliness, adventurer Bear Woznick lays out a plan to help men learn how to develop a proper personal creed, and then define themselves by the hardships they endure in pursuit of that mission.

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  • Author: Bear Woznick
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 240
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Sophia Institute Press

12 Rules for Manliness