33 Days to Morning Glory: Group Retreat and Study Guide

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  • Group study guide
  • 33 Days to Morning Glory
  • Wonderful updated Marian Consecration
  • Expanded edition with retreat videos and small group discussion
  • For parishes or individual groups

33 Days to Morning Glory has been an international bestseller almost from the moment the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception published it under its Marian Press imprint. In fact, it's been a publishing phenomenon, with more than two million copies in print, in 18 languages. For many practicing Catholics, 33 Days to Morning Glory is as recognizable as St. Louis de Montfort's True Devotion to Mary, the original 33-day preparation for Marian consecration.

In the 10 years since first publication, people around the world have used it as their guide for preparing to make their total consecration to Jesus through Mary. Graces received have included incredible testimonies of conversion, parish renewal, and the transformation of communities. In fact, it was used in 2020 for preparing for the re-consecration of England to Our Lady by the Catholic bishops there. Similarly, many dioceses and parishes have taken up the book as a preparation for the consecration of their entire community. The fruits of total consecration to Jesus through Mary have been plentiful, and continue to be received by many.

What you hold in your hands with this new 33 Days to Morning Glory: Group Retreat & Study Guide is the original text of 33 Days to Morning Glory, with additions designed specifically for group study. There are questions for reflection and answer after each day, to share in small discussion groups. This expanded edition also unlocks access to exclusive retreat videos available on our new streaming platform,

This program will change your life, taking everything you are and have, and placing you firmly under the protection and care of Our Lady. There's no safer place to be, and none more exciting, especially as part of a group, journeying together, using 33 Days to Morning Glory: Group Retreat & Study Guide.

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33 Days to Morning Glory: Group Retreat and Study Guide