52 Weeks of Resilience : A One-Year Journal to Bounce Back from Worry and Rediscover Peace

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  • Beautiful interactive journal
  • Simple way to lower stress & rediscover peace
  • Meditate on Scripture, journal, set daily goals
  • Simple, practical steps to resilience, confidence and peace
ABOUT 52 WEEKS OF RESILIENCE Infuse spirituality and peace into your daily life with this beautiful interactive journal that offers a simple way to lower stress and rediscover rest.
Don’t worry. It’s easy to say these words because we know worrying doesn’t accomplish anything, but when we’re faced with our own uncertainties, worry is usually our first response. Drawing from biblical promises and wisdom, 52 Weeks of Resilience offers tried-and-true ways to let go of anxiety and live in peace and freedom. As you meditate on Scripture, reflect through journaling, and apply simple challenges to your every day, you will learn to intentionally:  
  • Choose gratitude and joy over worry without waiting for perfect circumstances
  • Create a habit of prayer so you may find peace in surrendering your fears and worries to God
  • Practice a spirit of thoughtfulness as you shift your instinctual responses from fear and disappointment to resilience and confidence
  • Follow simple, practical action steps as you strive to capture every thought and replace them with truth
  On your journey toward resilience in the face of stress and life’s trials, you will experience freedom, peace of mind, and true contentment. Because even in times of stress and worry, you can still take control. You don’t have to let it rule your life. Instead, you can learn to thrive.

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  • Author: Ink & Willow
  • 144 Pages
  • Hardcover
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52 Weeks of Resilience : A One-Year Journal to Bounce Back from Worry and Rediscover Peace