A Grand Slam For God

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  • Inspiring story of Burke Masters
  • His life from MLB to the Priesthood
  • Powerful reminder of God's grace and provision
  • A story of God's plans and how to lean into His grace
Burke Masters had the perfect game plan for his life: he was going to become a Major League Baseball player. As a star infielder for Mississippi State with a game-winning grand slam to help his team reach the College World Series, he was well on his way to the career of his dreams. But little did he know that his life-changing call would not be from a recruiter to join the Major Leagues—it would be from God to become a priest. 

In this page-turning memoir, Fr. Burke takes readers on an intimate personal journey—from his childhood outside of Chicago, to his success in baseball, to his conversion to Catholicism, and finally, to his acceptance of his vocation. Amid severe doubt and personal loss, he learned to embrace his fundamental identity—not as an athlete, but as a beloved son of God and a spiritual father to God’s people.

Fr. Burke’s story is a powerful reminder that God’s plan for us is so much greater than our own; that it fulfills our dreams in ways greater than we could have imagined; and that if we only have the courage to say yes, every moment is an opportunity for a grand slam for God.

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  • Author: Fr. Burke Masters
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 192
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A Grand Slam For God