A Layman's Guide to Latin Mass Terms

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  • Learn the terms, concepts & wording of the Latin Mass
  • Also features short biographies of those named in the mass & more
  • For those who want to grow in knowledge & appreciation
  • Undertand the sacred liturgy prayed throughout time

If you’re new to the Traditional Latin Mass there are a number of things that may look and sound very different from the Mass you are used to attending. Up until 1962 the Latin Mass was said in the same way for over 1600 years and it was prayed by Catholics around the world.

These ancient terms, concepts, and words may take a little effort to learn but they will greatly assist you in praying and understanding this sacred liturgy given to us by the Apostles and prayed by all fervent Catholics throughout time.

Things you’ll learn in this book: • Short biographies of the saints and old testament figures found in the Mass • Concepts associated with traditional Catholicism • Vestments worn by the celebrant • Names and uses of the sacred vessels used during the course of the Holy Sacrifice, • Common Phrases, and Words used in the Traditional Catholic Mass • And Much More

This book is an excellent, easy-to-read, Layman’s guide to the terms used in the Traditional Latin Mass. Whether you’re new to tradition or helping someone new, this book is an ideal place to start

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  • Author: Paul Byrne
  • Softback
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A Layman's Guide to Latin Mass Terms