A Savior is Born Fabric Advent Calendar

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  • Fabric Advent Calendar
  • Whimsical, childlike design
  • Multicolored with numbered pockets
  • Baby Jesus slides into each pocket day by day

The Savior is Born Fabric Advent Calendar is a wonderful Christmas decoration and a fun way to count the days until December 25. Place the attached Baby Jesus into the pocket embroidered with the number of that day's date. Then, on Christmas Day, place it in the manger pocket, embroidered with 25. The entire colored Nativity Scene, along with "A Savior is born," is whimsically embroidered on burlap style polyester fabric.  Dowel and cord hanger at top.

  • .0313" (H) x 18" (W) x 13" (D)
  • Fabric