Advent Wreaths & Candle Holders

The Advent wreath is perhaps the most common Advent symbol, and is also one of the most popular traditions for the home. Each part of the Advent wreath symbolizes our spiritual preparation for the birth of the world's Messiah, Jesus Christ, on Christmas day. The traditionally circular shape of the Advent wreath symbolizes eternal life; the purple candles symbolize our repentance and waiting; the pink Advent candle symbolizes our joy that Christmas is coming soon. The bright candlelight symbolizes the coming of Jesus as "The Light of the World." Many styles of Advent wreaths are available today, from the traditional evergreen wreath to contemporary metal-based wreaths and candleholders. Advent votive candle holders have recently become popular due to their contemporary design and compact size which fits into small spaces or on fireplace mantles. Advent wreaths usually come with directions on how to use and pray with them, but we recommend a good Advent prayer book to accompany your time with the Lord. Visit our informational page to learn how to pick the correct replacement Advent Candles.