Baby, Come to Church!

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Virginia Esquinaldo
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  • Baby Come to Church
  • Delightful board book with interactive text and charming illustrations
  • Helps little ones associate the story in the book with real objects and people at Mass
  • Ideal for children up to 5 years old

Sights, sounds and gestures fill a toddler's world with wonder. This delightful, beautifully illustrated board book explores some of the sensory experiences a very young child may have during the Eucharistic celebration. A positive way to keep your little one engaged during Mass, Baby, Come to Church! also features an inspiring prayer for parents. Boardbook.

  • 6 x 6¾ inches

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  • 5 Oct 15th 2017
    Needed for anyone taking a child to Mass

    This book needs to be kept in the car so you always have it when you attend Mass or need to make a quick visit. Grandparents and Parents alike need it.


  • 5 May 7th 2012
    Will buy again!

    I bought 2 of these as gifts for expectant parents. They will be good for baby and the prayer at the end is excellent for parents.


  • 5 May 18th 2011
    Great Book for Toddlers.

    Gave this book to a niece on her baptism two years ago. She loved it so much that it had to be taped together. Now I bought one for my nephew for his baptism. As an early childhood teacher this is good book for young children. Best Uses: Child can use during mass; Cons: none; Pros: Board book, Colorful pictures, Easy To Understand, Great for toddlers


  • 4 Jan 25th 2010
    Great Basic Book

    Great Book for a two year old. Caught their attention. Very colorful pictures. Best Uses: Bring to church; Pros: Great for a two year old


  • 5 Dec 9th 2009
    Wonderful book to bring to Church!

    My baby loves the pictures and the story at church each week!


  • 4 Apr 27th 2009
    My Son Loves It!

    My son loves to look through this book during mass and it helps him to find those things in the church. It is really helping him to get engaged in the euchurist even at a young age. Pros: Colorful pictures, Helps with parts of mass

    Jackson and Morgan's Mom

  • 5 Jan 25th 2009
    Cute book!

    Got it for both my godchildren. I'm a fan of it. However, one of my godchildren isn't Catholic, and at the end it takes about the <a class="autolink" href="">Eucharist</a>. Doubt the parents will mind, but just so you know. Pros: Durable, Good Value


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