My Baptism Remembrance Book

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Mary Marth Moss, FSP
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  • My Baptism Remembrance Book
  • Author: Mary Martha Moss, FSP
  • A keepsake book that preserves a special Baptism day and helps children continue to grow in their faith
  • Includes fill in the blanks for recording details of developmental stages and photograph attachment sections

Combining a child's faith life with popular scrapbooking elements found in baby books, this remembrance book preserves important life moments for the special child in your life to look back upon as he or she becomes curious about life as a Catholic child.

This illustrated remembrance book contains:

Fill-in-the-blanks for recording details of a child's Baptism, developmental stages, first holidays, and favorites

Photograph attachment sections 

Spaces for family members to write greetings, prayers, and words of wisdom 

God's family tree and a family tree to personalize 

Explanations of the significance, rite, and symbols of Baptism 

Illustrated Bible stories linked to Baptism 

Traditional Catholic prayers 

Prompts for writing personal prayers 

Sacramental record pages for First Penance, First Communion, and Confirmation 

Remembrance pages for first through eighth grade

Children receiving this gift can create a keepsake that not only preserves their special day of becoming initiated into the Catholic faith, but also helps them grow in their faith. They are reminded that after becoming a beloved child of God and a member of the Church through the gift of Baptism, they can continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • 8½ x 11 inches

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My Baptism Remembrance Book