Be A Heart Jesus of Nazareth Plush Doll

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  • Plush Jesus Doll in tunic and sash
  • Special companion for your child
  • Take Jesus wherever you go
  • Teaches about Christ, encouraging devotion in children
  • Fun toys for kids that teach our Faith
  • Made by Be A Heart

This plush, handmade Jesus doll in a simple, one-piece natural beige tunic and red sash is a special friend and companion for your little one. He wears a red sash to symbolize His role as a teacher and His Precious Blood, shed for us in love.

Jesus has an olive-brown complexion with brown eyes and dark brown hair & beard typical of the Galileans of His time. He has embroidered features, wool yarn hair, and a felt beard. His one-piece tunic reaches slightly below the knees since Sacred Scripture indicates he did not wear a long tunic (Mark 12:38), which was considered extravagant. His tunic and sash are removable. A small tote backpack is included with a note tucked inside.  A special gift for children and a special way to teach them that Jesus is with them wherever they go.  Spot clean or hand wash only. 

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 11.8" (L)
  • Calico, Felt, Polyester, Yarn
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Spot Clean or Hand Wash Only
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Be a Heart, LLC
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Be A Heart Jesus of Nazareth Plush Doll