Bedtime Prayer Cube

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  • Unfinished wood cube
  • Contains 6 different bedtime prayers
  • Variety and fun for kids
  • Let children roll the cube and lead the prayer
  • Fun and formation all in one

Roll the cube, pray the prayer!  It's that simple. Bring variety and fun to prayer time at bedtime, with this prayer cube made of unfinished wood. Each side contains a different night time prayer. Allow the kids to take turns rolling the cube and reading the prayer before bed. The cube has smooth, rounded edges and sides, and the prayers are painted in black lettering. Formation and fun all at once!

Prayers include: Now I lay me down to sleep, Unto You I Pray, Bless My Friends, Oh, Angel of God, Thank You God, and May God Bless Us.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 1 5/8" Cube
  • Wood
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Bedtime Prayer Cube