Before I Was Me

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Frank Fraser
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  • Before I Was Me
  • A wonderful illustrated book 

Before I was me,

When  I was still with God,

I asked Him, “Who will I become?”

“Oh, my little one,” He replied,

“I have great plans for you!

I have chosen you to be

a very important person whom I will always love.”

Thus begins a charming odyssey of self-discovery, as, in conversation with God,

the child imagines himself as:

. . . an  ASTRONAUT  going off to work each morning in a rocket,

stopping   halfway to Mars for milk and cookies . . .

. . . a  BAKER  baking yummy treats everyone wants . . .

. . . a  FARMER  growing food for hungry people

of all nations around the world . . .

. . . a  DOCTOR  healing giraffes and rabbits, and, yes, people, too . . .

. . . a  TEACHER  helping boys and bears and gophers and girls

Become  the best they can be (while giving hugs to the downcast!) . . .

. . . a  PARENT  making the lives of children happy and safe; and finally…

. . . a  CHILD! . . . important simply for who he is


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  • 5 Apr 30th 2019
    Before I Was Me

    It was a beautiful book that I hope lets every child know they are beloved even before they are born. God knows us all, loves us all unconditionally. We are very important because he is our Father. I gave this book to a couple as part of a baby shower gift. I recommend it to everyone.

    Darlene Mackey

  • 5 Dec 5th 2018
    Before I Was Born

    A beautiful gift to a newborn or an expectant mom. I really like the message it gives of God's plan for us. I highly encourage anyone looking for a faith based gift to go with this book.

    Rita B Gagnon

  • 5 Sep 24th 2018
    Awesome Illustrations!

    This was a great read for my 2.5 year old, my 6.5 year old, and me! It is a very sweet book listing some fun things the little one could be when sent down to Earth. They start with an astronaut and eventually realize being a child is best of all because as God says "a child is love". The illustrations capture my kids' attention and they love to spot all the animals in them. We read it along with Angel in the Waters which pretty much picks up where this one leaves off with baby now in moms belly.


  • 5 Jul 3rd 2018
    Before I was Me

    I loved it and can not wait to read it to my 3year old grand daughter.

    Gloria Dunham

  • 5 Apr 26th 2018
    Before I Was Me

    Loved this book. Every parent should read it to their child or if they can, the grandparents can read it. Wonderful message!

    Irene Keller

  • 5 Apr 25th 2018
    Before I Was Me

    Such a great book! Can't wait to give to my Great Grandson.


  • 5 Apr 23rd 2018
    A unique & very true story, beautifully told.

    A wonderful book for all of God's children, regardless of their age...because God will always love them. Every page is covered with fun & colorful illustrations for children & parents to discuss. God's message grows & grows as the story progresses until the "child" realizes that yes, God loves me. He always has loved me and always will. May God bless Mr. Fraser for giving our world this amazing book with God's true & beautiful message.

    Mrs. Jaspers

  • 5 Apr 7th 2018
    Before I was Me

    This book is beautifully written and illustrated and a wonderful way to introduce young children to God and his relationship with them. Gave to four young grandchildren and they love it.

    T Neeb

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