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From Jean Delannoy, one of France’s foremost filmmakers, comes this top quality feature film production of the story of St. Bernadette and the apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes. Actress Sydney Penny gives a beautiful performance as Bernadette, and the rest of the cast is equally superb. Also stars Roland Lesaffre and Michele Simonnet. It is highly recommended by the Vatican as a “sensitive portrayal of a very moving story that deserves a wide audience.”Shot on location in France with outstanding cinematography and a beautiful music score, this is the film that was chosen to be shown daily at the shrine in Lourdes.

This movie is Not Rated


This is a Region 1 DVD (playable ONLY in Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman Islands, United States and U.S. territories)


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  • 5 Jan 23rd 2018
    Powerful Portrayal

    A high-quality production that is very tastefully done. This film is subtle and profound in its simplicity, and very potent in its execution. This movie stops at the point of her entering the monastery (and the sequel continues from there).

    Michael Molnar

  • 5 Feb 17th 2015

    I have visited Lourdes and found this dvd to be very authentic. It was filmed in Lourdes and is the true story of Bernadette


  • 4 Jan 4th 2015

    Bernadette's story is a very long, drawn out piece. It could be told in half the time. One thing I learned is that she handled herself "Par excellence," a term I wasn't familiar with until I heard it used in another movie on St. Bernadette by one of the commentators. The acting is very good. It is sold in two DVDs. The first is all that Bernadette went through to be taken seriously. The second DVD picks up from when she began her life as a nun. She only lived until her 30's; a long compilation.


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