Bethlehem Stone & Antique Metal Standing Crucifix

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  • Elegant stone crucifix with antique bronze pewter
  • Serene, creamy earth toned design
  • Sturdy standing base
  • Gorgeous sacramental gift

This striking crucifix features authentic Bethlehem stone* from the Holy Land, and an antique bronze pewter corpus. It makes a thoughtful, memorable gift for any sacrament, especially Confirmation and RCIA. The sturdy standing base makes it perfect for displaying on a mantle, shelf, or side table.

Comes with a card stating:"You have acquired a unique cross made of Bethlehem Stone. This stone was used to build the pillars in the Church of the Nativity and the tomb of Jesus in the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem."

*Exact colors and shades may vary due to natural quality. 

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 4.5" (H)
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Bethlehem Stone & Antique Metal Standing Crucifix