Biblia de America

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Catholic Book Publishing Corp.
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  • Complete translation in Spanish
  • Introductions, Notes, Maps, Timelines
  • Dictionary, Family Record Page, Full Color Inserts 
  • Beautiful leatherette cover
  • Various colors available
This complete translation from the original texts is approved by the Episcopal Conference in Mexico and with the authority of the Episcopal Conferences in Colombia and Chile. Its pastoral character, an important consideration of the translation team of more than 40 leading Scripture scholars, makes it an excellent choice for laypeople as well as for religious and priests. Features ample introductions; useful notes; maps; parallel timelines of events in biblical history, civil history, and the world of literature; a valuable Bible Dictionary; a Family Record; and full-color inserts of the Rosary and the Stations of the Cross. A striking and sturdy Dura-Lux cover available in various colors. 
  • 2000 Pages 
  • Leatherette Cover
  • Various Colors Available

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