Bioethical Challenges at the End of Life

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  • Instruction on end-of-life issues
  • Presented one by one
  • Oriented around Scripture and Tradition
  • Explanations and insights to help faithful Catholics
  • An important issue for all Catholics today

Death, and with it the end of human life, has been brought back into focus by the pandemic. But — how to deal with death, given medical-technical progress? What is morally justifiable and acceptable? The end of life presents many challenges. In this timely text, the most important bioethical challenges at the end of life are described, followed in each case by an ethical-moral orientation based on the Gospel and the tradition of the Church. Principles are presented pointing beyond death to eternal life, principles without which end-of-life issues cannot be faced responsibly.

Taken up with a refreshing lack of evasion are such pressing issues as various forms of euthanasia, suicide and assisted suicide, ordinary and extraordinary measures at the end of life, life-sustaining measures to consider, and organ transplants. And, hovering all the while in the background: the question of determining the moment of death. The search is on for spiritual insight into how faith and reason may guide us serenely even in the midst of personal grief to mediate bioethical challenges at the end of life in the spirit of Christ—that is, by never overstepping the inviolable dignity of the human being.

  • Author: Ralph Weimann
  • 276 pages
  • Format: Paperback

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Bioethical Challenges at the End of Life