Birthstone Rosary - December

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Five Decade
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  • December birthstone rosary
  • Blue topaz / blue zircon colored blue beads
  • Our Lady of Grace centerpiece

Birthstone rosaries are great gifts for birthdays and Sacrament celebrations. This December birthstone rosary features blue topaz/blue zircon aurora borealis glass beads. The multi-faceted cut of each bead reflects the light in unique and beautiful shades of a very feminine blue. This December birthstone rosary is a good one to hang on the car rear-view mirror.  Make it an even more special gift by choosing the personalization option. It will look great in the sunlight and will stay at hand to pray while driving or on the go. The Virgin Mary centerpiece features Our Lady of Grace, the depiction of Our Blessed Mother with rays of graces pouring from her outstretched hands on those who pray the rosary.  A twelve star crown surrounds her head as queen of heaven and earth. The crucifix and centerpiece remind us of the daily call to prayer and the intercession of Jesus and Mary before the Father on our behalf.

  • Photo shows only 5 beads but it is a full 5 decade rosary
  • Crucifix measures approx. 1 1/2" (L) x 1" (W)
  • Rosary measures approx. 17" (L)
  • Centerpiece measures approx. 3/4" (L) x 1/2" (W)
  • Interior circumference approx. 22"

Birthstone Rosary - December