Bless My Child: A Catholic Mother's Prayer Book

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  • Bless My Child: A Catholic Mother’s Prayer Book
  • An inspiring book for Catholic moms that emphasizes the importance of praying for your children
  • Contains many prayers for all stages of our children's lives from before birth to adulthood
  • Ideal to include in a baby shower gift!

Every mother prays, even if only, "Lord, give me patience!" Just as children need our love at every age, so too they always need our prayers. Challenged by her children's school principal asking, "If not us, who; if not here, where; if not now, when," Julie Cragon began praying specifically for each of her children. Cragon provides prayers for every stage of their growth, beginning even before they are born and going all the way to the point when they are becoming moms or dads themselves.

  • 5 x 7 inches

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