Blessed Carlo Acutis Game Controller Sticker

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  • Vinyl sticker celebrating Blessed Carlo
  • Colorful, symbolic and inspiring
  • His wonderful quote about holiness around the edge
  • Game controller in the center
  • Great inspiration for  young boys and young men

A durable vinyl sticker, laminated for extra protection, and printed in bright colors celebrating the bold faith and holy life of Blessed Carlo and inspiring us with his wisdom. Around the outer edge, his quote about holiness, "The only thing we have to ask God for in prayer is the desire to be holy." 

At the center, crosses and a game controller, symbolizing his faith and his love for computers. Place it on a laptop, tumbler, binder, video game, or anywhere you choose, as a reminder to strive for holiness every day, and ask God to help you in every way. Blessed Carlo is an inspiring model for young boys and young men, making this a great gift for them. 

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Size: 3" (D)
  • Pressure Sensitive Vinyl, Waterproof Laminate
  • Made in USA
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Blessed Carlo Acutis Game Controller Sticker