Butler's Lives of the Saints

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By Michael Walsh
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  • Butler's Lives of the Saints
  • A must-have for every Catholic home
  • New edition of a beloved classic
  • Includes accessible index of saints

For more than two centuries, Butler's Lives of the Saints has been hailed as the authority on the Christian patron saints.

Now, in this 1991 new edition of the original classic, Michael Walsh has culled the ruch resources of earlier editions to accentuate the more modern and best-documented saints. Echoing the charm and style of the eighteenth-century edition, Walsh's volume has been edited to make the fascinating and inspiring lives of the saints easily accessible to readers today.

This edition features saints from many nations and backgrounds and includes new articles on recently canonized saints. The index offers the list of saints from the complete edition, and includes all new canonizations and new dates, making it eh most up-to-date listing of saints available. Butler's Lives of the Saints remains a remarkable reference source and, through its comprehensive biographies, a valuable aid to devotion and a rich source of historical information.

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  • 4 Mar 25th 2014
    Butlers Lives of the Saints

    Easy to read. Reminds me of my childhood when we had an edition that included a colored picture to go with each saint. Realize that would increase the price. Lots of good information.

    Pat Sloan

  • 5 Apr 23rd 2012

    Exactly what we wanted for our nephew for his Confirmation!


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