Cardinal Zen’s Lenten Reflections

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  • Powerful Lenten Reflections
  • 18 Meditations by Joseph Cardinal Zen of Hong Kong
  • Thought-provoking, eloquent wisdom to open your heart for Lent
  • Fortification for the spiritual journey 
“The merciful Lord has given us one more year. Let us take it seriously as the last chance. We should not take the risk of delaying.” — Joseph Cardinal Zen     

 Lent is a time of preparation and renewal through prayer, mortification, and charity. With candor and compassion, Joseph Cardinal Zen of Hong Kong explains how you can open your heart to grow in love of God to make this your most fruitful Lent ever. These eighteen Lenten meditations, collected from His Eminence’s homilies and pastoral letters during a time of social and political tension, will fortify you to face the temptations that beset you so as to choose consistently the light of life.

Also included are thirteen stirring Easter themed reflections. With Cardinal Zen journeying with you, you will find the path to healing amid suffering and discover as never before the glory of resurrected love.

In this volume, you will discover:
  • God’s wedding gift to you — and your response
  • Five attitudes to cultivate to become a cheerful giver
  • How to restore your amazement and awe in the Paschal Mystery
  • Ways to make your Lenten, Holy Week, and Easter celebrations more meaningful
  • What you must do to be saved and embrace God’s healing and liberating power
  • Seven lessons on the road to Emmaus that will transform your life
These beautifully crafted reflections will give you renewed fervor in your devotion to Jesus, our Savior, who wants to take you to a higher level. You will find out how to live in true imitation of the Good Shepherd and how to love your neighbor with a mother’s heart. Through Cardinal Zen’s wisdom, thought-provoking questions, and unique perspective, you will see as never before how Jesus’ messages in the Gospels affirm the dignity of the human person.

As His Eminence reveals the mystery of the cross, you will learn what it means to have the faith of a child and experience the comfort and tenderness of the Holy Spirit, especially in times of persecution and suffering. You will also perceive the steps to take to follow God’s call, and, with the man healed of blindness, come to say, “I went, I washed, I was able to see.” 

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  • Author: Cardinal Joseph Zen
  • 128 Pages
  • Paperback
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