Catechism of The Seven Sacraments

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  • Set in a vivid comic-book format with stunning photographs
  • Engaging format for kids 
  • A must-have for families 
  • Build upon your faith!

Catechism of the Seven Sacraments uses the classic brick toys as a storytelling and educational tool. Join hosts Fulton and Cynthia on a biblical adventure as they journey from creation to salvation and discover the importance of God’s sanctifying grace. Set in a vivid comic-book format with stunning photographs, this lego-like book makes profound theological concepts accessible to both the Catholic and the curious, the child and the adult.

About the Authors:

Kevin and Mary O'Neill and their seven children are the creative minds and dedicated hands behind this book. When Kevin and Mary discovered questionable interpretations in a popular brick-illustrated Bible, they took matters into their own hands and created this book with the help of their children. Using thousands of their own toy building blocks, they constructed and photographed each scene illustrating the Catholic sacraments, while weaving a biblical narrative of salvation history.

  • Measures: 8" x 11"
  • Includes a Glossary

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  • 5 Jul 18th 2020
    Great book!

    My 5 year old son loved this book. It is great for any age....from little kid to adult. It is a hit at this house.

    Joy Barberio

  • 5 Jun 30th 2020
    Great First Communion Gift

    I would give this 10 stars if I could. This was one of many gifts that our son received on his First Communion day. When the dust settled he immediately started reading this and continues to go back to it. Every time he reads it he is telling us something new he has learned and it is all theologically correct. He loves this book and so do we!


  • 5 Jun 25th 2019

    My 6 year old is crazy about Legos! We've only read the first section of this book on the eucharist, but it's held his attention for up to 45 minutes! He enjoyed looking at the Lego pieces and matching them to ones he has in his collection. He now wants to build Jesus and the sanctuary! I never would have been able to teach him about the eucharist in this manner without the book. We both look forward to reading more! And, I know we will return to this book during his faith formation.


  • 5 May 29th 2019
    Catechism of the Seven Sacraments

    This is fabulous! Just the format to capture the imagination of kids as they begin their journey of uncovering the mysteries and graces of the sacraments. Our 7-year-old grandson is thrilled!

    Carolyn Mulligan

  • 5 May 15th 2019
    Kids LOVE this Book

    Catechism of the Seven Sacraments is an awesome book! My boys 8 and 10 fight over reading it! They take it to adoration each week.


  • 5 May 13th 2019
    Great Gift for Young Child

    We gifted this to our young godson. He thinks it is great. Combining faith lessons with an easy to follow format is very useful for catechizing the young. I'm sure the use of Legos gives him ideas of how he can create similar scenes.

    Sean Sullivan

  • 5 Jul 25th 2018
    Lego appeal

    I purchased this catechism for it's relevance to young children. It is beautifully produced. I will be giving it as a gift, so I don't have a better opinion yet of how they will take to it.


  • 5 Jun 4th 2018
    Catechism of the Seven Sacraments

    Written in comic book style with photos of LEGO characters, this book was a big hit with my 12 year old grandson. He found it so interesting, he’s reading sections on his own! Very pleased with purchase. I give it a 5!

    Jill Gray

  • 5 Jun 1st 2018
    Catechism of The Seven Sacraments

    I saw this title and thought 'What?!? Lego Sacraments' I am so glad I took another look. This book is great! I enjoyed reading it and my 11 year old son loves it. It is just right for him to understand and it keeps his attention with the legos, he has to look on every page he reads to see how they built the sets. Thank you so much for thinking of this, it is a winner!!

    JB Green

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