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When someone walks into your home, do they immediately know you’re Catholic? Can they tell from the items in your home and from the way you act and talk that Christ is at the center of your life?

Too often we turn off our faith when we exit church on Sunday. It’s in those other six days of the week where we really grow in faith. We’re called to live out our faith each and every day, and that starts at home. 

How we live at home is how we live. That’s why it’s so important to make our homes a vibrant place for growing closer to God. 

The home is where we first came to know God. The home is where we can grow in virtue. The home is where we live out our vocation. 

Whether married, single, or an empty-nester, we all need to make our homes domestic churches. And in Catholic at Home we’ll show you how to create a loving, Christ-centered atmosphere.

Over 21 days, you can grow in holiness by highlighting practices and habits that you can start in your own home right away. Each day, Fr. Joseph Matlak will offer practical, actionable advice on living a life of worship in your home, including:

  • Growing closer as family through regular family prayer (Day 2)
  • How you can—and should—live a liturgical life without leaving your home (Day 6)
  • Why you need a home altar...and how to incorporate it into your daily routine (Day 11)
  • How to transform chores from a necessary burden into a source of family unity (Day 14)
  • How forgiveness is crucial to a cultivating strong relationships with your family, friends, and God (Day 20)

The home is where we grow in holiness. Start building your domestic church.

Complete your experience with our Good Catholic Catholic at Home journal, the ideal companion piece for taking notes and making resolutions throughout the series!