Catholic Words Card Matching Game, Vol. II

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  • Engaging Catholic matching card game
  • Colorful vocabulary words
  • Great faith-formation for all ages
  • Perfect for classroom settings

Whether you are forming young hearts and minds in the faith or are in need of a fun refresher on the Catholic words, this Catholic card matching game will help you learn Catholic vocabulary words by playing a fun memory matching game. Formative fun for all ages. A great gift for birthdays, First Communion, and Confirmation. Volume II set includes: Advent Wreath, Alb, Ambry, Aspergillum, Aspersorium, Biretta, Cassock, Cincture, Collection Basket, Corporal, Credence Table, Crosier, Dalmatic, HymnalLavabo Set, Missal Stand, Mozzetta, Offering Box, Pallium, Palm Branches, Paschal Candle, Presider’s Chair, Pyx, Rosary, Votive Candle, and Zucchetto.

Download list of vocabulary terms here

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Volume II
  • 52 cards
  • Cards: 3.5" x 2.5"
  • Thick UV coated cards
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Catholic Words Card Matching Game, Vol. II