Celebrating Saints and Seasons: Hundreds of Activities for Catholic Children

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Jeanne Hunt
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  • Activities for every liturgical season!
  • Celebrate the New Year in January and all the way through to Advent in December
  • Exciting categories with Saints and Heroes, Feast Days, Holy Days, Prayers, and more

With humor and a prayerful spirit, Jeanne Hunt taps into her experience and creativity as mother, grandmother, catechist, artist, and writer to show us in easy and practical ways how to look deeper at these ordinary things surrounding us in order to enter into the sacred way.

She encourages parents and grandparents, teachers, and religious educators to use this as a handy resource for celebrating in your home and classroom settings the seasons and special people of the calendar year and the church's liturgical year.

She offers hundreds of activities, rituals, and prayers to make living our faith tangible, spiritually enriching—and fun! Activities include a New Year's campout, morning prayer for Christian Unity week, a Lent poor box, an Emmaus walk, a Pentecost meal, an All Saints' festival, a St. John the Baptist Advent wreath—and many more.

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  • 5 Jan 1st 2019
    Good To Go

    My wife and I teach 4th grade religious ed together. This book has a lot of little things that we can do with our class and other classes. They can be achieved in our given class period of 1 hour 15 minutes. Also, everything in the book is Catholic themed so it will apply to our classes and the kids will get something out of it We like to keep the activity content aligned with what. I have searched many websites and I have yet to find a source that has this many/much activities in one location.


  • 5 Sep 6th 2015
    Wonderful for families and/or teachers!

    I bought this for home use, looking for ways to incorporate our faith into our busy home life more often. I'm delighted with the range of ideas and discussion starters for each month, as well as bonus kid-friendly recipes. Each activity is tagged for home and/or school, making it easy to find what'll work for your situation.

    Jennifer Ferguson

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