Champions of the Rosary - The History and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon

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Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC
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  • Champions of the Rosary: The History and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon
  • By beloved author and speaker Father Donald Calloway
  • A sweeping, detailed history of the rosary and those who love it
  • Perfect way to deepen your devotion to such a powerful prayer

Champions of the Rosary, the latest book by bestselling author Fr. Donald Calloway, tells the powerful story of the history of the rosary and its champions. The rosary is a spiritual sword, containing the saving mysteries of the God-Man. It has the power to conquer sin, defeat evil, and bring about peace.

This book presents a complete history of this spiritual weapon, 26 of its greatest heroes, detailed accounts of its victories, 32 color images of the rosary in art, as well as endorsements from 4 cardinals, the Master General of the Dominicans, 10 Dominican bishops, and 20 other bishops from around the world.


"In Champions of the Rosary, Fr. Calloway has written what is probably the most comprehensive book ever written on the rosary.  The author deftly negotiates the complexities of the story of the rosary, weaving the historical, theological, and devotional strands into a veritable masterpiece of scholarship and piety." 
Most Rev. J. Augustine Di Noia, OP, PhD. Assistant Secretary for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith (Vatican City)

"Champions of the Rosary is an extremely insightful, pious, and scholarly work on the rosary. Father Calloway's insights and contributions into the history and heroes of the rosary will not go unnoticed or unappreciated."
- His Eminence Christoph Maria Cardinal Schonborn, OP, STD Archbishop of Vienna, Austria

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  • 5 Mar 8th 2018
    Best Book on the Rosary

    My husband and I received this book from my In-Laws for Christmas last year. I just finished reading it and to this date I don't know of a single book that has influenced my spirituality as much as this one has. Each chapter wowed me with the information about the Rosary and the people who championed it, and made me want to be more diligent in praying the rosary myself. It is an inspiring read and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!


  • 5 Jan 4th 2017
    champions of the rosary

    Wonderful book, inspirational and filled with true Church history .. You can not help but want to pray the rosary even more often throughout the day .. to bless our families and nations


  • 5 Aug 25th 2016

    The amount of information in this book is beyond belief. I got it the day it came out and have been reading it since. It's inspiring, informative and designed to bring you closer to Jesus through the history, theology, saint and finally in praying the rosary. Whether you're new to the rosary or a lifelong devotee, you will find much to love about this book.

    Andi Andrzejewski

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