A Child's Treasure: Rosary Meditations for Children

Derek Rebello, Elsa Schiavone & Michael Boas
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  • A Child's Treasure: Rosary Meditations for Children
  • Teach children how much Mother Mary loves Jesus
  • Beautiful and insightful meditations from children for children

Grow to love the Lord more deeply through these meditations written by children for children. With insight into how Mother Mary loves Jesus, authors Derek Rebello, Elsa Schiavone and Michael Boas show us how to follow Him more closely in our everyday lives and discover that our faith is truly our greatest treasure.

Sample meditation:


"At the moment the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the infant in my womb leaped for joy." Luke 1:44

The visitation is a moment of great joy. After the angel Gabriel told Mary that her cousin Elizabeth was going to have a baby, Mary set out on a journey to Elizabeth's house to offer her help. Filled with the Holy Spirit, Elizabeth realized Mary was carrying the Messiah in her womb. The baby in Elizabeth's womb, John the Baptist, leaped for joy because he, too, knew that God was near.

If we were like Elizabeth, we might live our lives differently. Elizabeth was able to recognize Jesus. Sometimes we don't. Even though we know every person is made in God's image, sometimes we fail to recognize him in the people we really dislike or who are mean to us. Or in the homeless, the poor, the unemployed and the sick. Or when we do something that makes us feel really good, we sometimes fail to see that it was only by God's help that we did it. Sometimes at Mass, even though Jesus is there in the Eucharist, we are too busy thinking and complaining about our own cares and worries, and we don't give him the respect he deserves. Elizabeth, no doubt, felt comforted by Mary's arrival that day in the hills of Judea, knowing she would have help from her cousin. Mary was overjoyed because she knew she was doing the will of God by lightening her cousin's burden. Mary was always happy to do God's will. That is the only thing that brings us true joy - knowing we are doing what God wants.

Just as Elizabeth did, we can find comfort, too, in Mary's presence. She is our Mother, who comes to help us, watches over us and protects us from evil and lovingly guides us in all the things we must do every day. She especially helps us to love Jesus the way we should and to always try to do God's will so that we, too, will have true joy.

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A Child's Treasure: Rosary Meditations for Children


A Child's Treasure: Rosary Meditations for Children