Choose Life: Answering Key Claims of Abortion Defend­ers with Compassion

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  • Powerful resource in defending life
  • What to say, how and when to say it
  • How to engage and support the pro-life perspective
  • Intelligent arguments with compassionate perspectives
  • Important tool for all those who want to defend life today

You already believe in choosing life. But when the counterarguments are coming at you from every angle—legal, biological, medical, ethical, moral, philosophical, and biblical—how do you defend the pro-life view? And as you defend it . . . how do you speak with wisdom, humility, and compassion?

Now more than ever, the times call for a balance of truth and mercy. There are good, wise, and thoughtful rebuttals of every claim made by pro-abortion advocates. Collected here in one place, Choose Life offers you reasonable responses from leading experts in their respective fields. The authors are accomplished women and men from all walks of life. They'll help you know what to say—and why to say it—when you're faced with claims like:

  • "The courts have already settled the issue."
  • "The fetus is not a person."
  • "My body, my choice."
  • "I shouldn't have to raise an unwanted child."
  • "My circumstances justify ending my pregnancy."
  • "Abortions are helpful to women and society."
  • "The pro-life movement doesn't care about social justice."

It's time to set aside the strident fist-shaking and hurled insults. Learn to make the pro-life case with intelligent arguments and compassionate love—just the way a Christian should.

  • Author: John K. GoodrichJeanette & Hagen Pifer
  • Pages: 416
  • Format: Paperback

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Choose Life: Answering Key Claims of Abortion Defend­ers with Compassion