Christ the Savior Antique Gold Framed Print - 8" x 10"

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  • Lovely custom print in deluxe quality frame
  • Portrait of Christ the Savior by Heinrich Hofmann
  • Serene yet vivid color & detail 
  • Exquisitely framed in antique gold with classic style
  • Designed and produced exclusively at The Catholic Company
This lovely print in serene and restful tones is a luminous and handsome painting of Christ the Savior by  Heinrich Hofmann. Exquisitely framed in antique gold, with delicate beading on the interior bevel, for a timeless elegance, it features Christ with His hand raised in blessing. 

Though living a life of solitude in later years, Hoffman opened his studio on Sundays to admirers, selling this work to a woman in 1904. He left a letter among his belongings stating that he dearly missed his Savior's eyes gazing at him daily, but was consoled that the work inspired love for Christ in the buyer. A sublime and beautiful work of art and a faithful addition to any space. 

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Dimensions & Specifications

  • 8" (W) x 10" (H)
  • Fine Art Print, Wood Frame
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Framed Print
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Christ the Savior Antique Gold Framed Print - 8" x 10"